Ethical Ethos

Belle Privé continuously looks for ways to minimise our impact on the environment, committed to green sustainability, offering the best in customer service whilst ensuring we stay true to our ethical values.


Paperless Studio

We are a completely paperless studio - all contracts, brochures, mailers, pre shoot questionnaires and model releases are all provided digitally meaning there is zero paper waste.



As a digital business, we produce minimal waste but any that is created, is recycled. All studio batteries are rechargeable. Most of the studio furniture is up-cycled and bought from local vintage shops. End of paper rolls go to local school children for art projects.



Each year, we choose one charity to fund-raise for. It is often a charity that is close to our heart such as Breast Cancer as we do see many breast cancer survivors in the studio.


Local & Small Businesses

We endeavour to support small UK businesses wherever possible. Tea and Coffee is Fairtrade.


Photography and Photoshoots by Manchester Boudoir Fashion Vintage Portrait Studio UK6Z4A3148Photography by Belle Prive Photography Manchester UK