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Are you looking for a luxury boudoir photoshoot experience?

I would recommend a photoshoot with Emma to every woman I know. Her warmth and kindness puts you at ease instantly and her work, that caters to seeing women through the female gaze, will make you feel incredible... I feel empowered and liberated and will treasure these photos forever.

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Lingerie Photography by Belle Privé PhotographyLingerie Photography by Belle Privé PhotographyBelle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot Portfolio

Belle Privé's style is elegant and sophisticated, with every photoshoot I do being fully bespoke to my client. A Boudoir Photoshoot is something I believe every woman should do at least once in their lives. Whilst the thought of it to some seems daunting, let me reassure you that it will be one of the most empowering and liberating experiences of your life! 

Dark & Sultry Boudoir by Belle Privé PhotographyDark & Sultry Boudoir by Belle Privé Photography

As a female photographer, I understand how women see themselves and most importantly how they want to appear in images. My work attracts strong, independent women who are keen to have a photoshoot at a significant time in their life. I am a sensualist and very passionate about boudoir photography...  with my expertise in posing and lighting, I can create images you will adore. You WILL look great, no matter your age or dress size


Light & Airy Boudoir by Belle Privé PhotographyLight & Airy Boudoir by Belle Privé Photography

I usually shoot from my intimate Manchester studio which has a variety of sets so that we can create something bespoke just for you. I am happy to shoot on location too if you have a specific idea in mind. We chat before your photoshoot so that I have a clear idea in mind of the sort of photoshoot you would like, either dark and moody or light and airy, the sort of lingerie and underwear you will be bringing and the parts of your body you would like to showcase! Whether you choose to be clothed, in a dress, a robe, lingerie or just a sheet even, I promise you will look your best.

Don't underestimate the power of a photoshoot... it is so much more than just images!

Dark & Sultry Boudoir by Belle Privé PhotographyDark & Sultry Boudoir by Belle Privé Photography

You can take a look at my Boudoir portfolio here and read my FAQs here.

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You just know just how to capture a classic, sensual and sexy image...

Plus you are a pleasure to work with and make it so easy on set.


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Noir Boudoir by Belle Privé PhotographyNoir Boudoir by Belle Privé Photography