Confessions of a Boudoir Photographer

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Confessions of a Boudoir Photographer

Having seen hundreds of semi naked models, your body is more beautiful than you think...

6Z4A4501 My day to day job involves me seeing lingerie-clad women most days of my working life. It's pretty routine to be honest. People are fascinated with my job... I've lost count of the number of offers to help on a shoot (mostly from men offering to hold the lens cap!) And just for the record, I shoot alone, I retouch myself. No one will ever see your raw images but you. 

Most women that come into the studio, be it model or client have body hang ups. 'Sorry about my big bum/saggy boobs/ bingo wings'. Even women with the most jaw droppingly amazing bodies have issues. Let me tell you a secret, real bodies are gorgeous. And I mean real bodies, not the carefully curated and edited images we see on social media.

What most models look like in real life very much differs from what they look like in the published magazine. Make-up, careful lighting, posing and editing all conceal the reality, and create a perfection that no woman should measure herself against.

*whispers* Even beautiful models have cellulite, stretch marks and poor skin sometimes.

So the reality is that your very own body is way better than you think it is. The very thing you are paranoid about, I bet no one even notices. Do you look at pictures of yourself from 10 years ago and think oh, look how great I looked and yet at the time you were paranoid about some perceived 'flaw' you thought you had?

Whilst I'd personally love to look like a Victoria's Secret model, I also realise that I am a 42 year old mother of two so I'm not doing so badly. Whoever you are, from office worker to mother, you look fabulous just as you are!

So book that shoot... I promise to make you look your absolute best without the extreme photoshopping because after all this is a celebration of YOU!


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