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Belle Privé Photography StudioBelle Privé Photography StudioProcessed with MOLDIV
Increasingly I find myself drawn to black and white images. So much so, that I have dedicated my new instagram page exclusively to monochrome work. You can take a look at my new Belle Noire Images here. 

So why are we drawn to black and white photography?

They are timeless and they are classic.
Black and white photography has existed since the art form was invented which means that monochrome images cannot easily be dated. Rather than becoming distracted by colour, monochrome will focus the mind on the mood, tones, textures and lighting in the image. It creates an emotional connection and make us stop and think. It creates intensity.

So how does that work for the sort of images Belle Privé creates?

Noir Boudoir images, in addition to the timeless quality,  have an arty, high end feel which make great wall art. They also have a simplicity not found in colour images, showing sensuality and elegance. We see the world in colour so viewing an image in monochrome has more of an impact. 

From classic vintage pinup to dark and moody bodyscapes, black and white is always a great choice. 

You can view more of my Noir Portfolio here.

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