9 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photoshoot

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9 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photoshoot

A photoshoot is so much more than the sum of its parts. It's not just about the stunning images of yourself you'll be left with, there are benefits you had never even considered. It's all about loving and celebrating how incredible you really are. There are many reasons why women come to use for an empowering photoshoot. If you've been thinking about booking for while, or even if you had never considered it, read on...


1. You are Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

Many of our clients are celebrating a milestone birthday, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. (Fabulous at 50 is definitely the most popular age to celebrate). At any age though, what a great way to celebrate another trip around the sun!


2. You are Getting Married or Divorced

Are you newly engaged? How about a gift they'll never forget (believe me!) The perfect gift for your husband (or wife) to be is a beautiful collection of boudoir images of the woman they love.

Alternatively, are you getting divorced? Rediscover your sexy and celebrate your beauty with an empowering photoshoot which will give you the confidence to start your new life.


3. You had a Baby

It's easy to always put your child first which means forgetting who you really were before they came into your life. A photoshoot can help you rediscover yourself, not to mention the chance to be totally pampered by my makeup artist and the rare chance to unwind and just be you for a few hours. A few extra lbs? Don't worry... with my award winning lighting and posing guidance, you won't even notice. Eva-78Eva-78

4. You'll Never be as Young as you are Today

Each day we change, we age. A photoshoot is the perfect reminder of just how incredible you really are, right now, this moment. Don't wait until... (insert excuse).

Boudoir Photoshoot by Belle Prive Photography in Manchester UKBelle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot 33Belle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot Portfolio

5. You Need a Confidence Boost

A Boudoir Photoshoot will leave you feeling empowered and confident. You'll genuinely leave the studio with a spring in your step. You'll see yourself in a whole new light and the effects are long lasting too.


6. It's Actually Fun

I haven’t met a client yet who hasn’t been nervous on arrival at the studio. A few minutes in though, they are laughing, chatting... it's a very relaxed, girly environment. I guide you through every pose but let me tell you, by the end of the shoot, you'll be posing like a pro on your own.

Makeover Photoshoot by Belle Prive Uk curvy womanGeorgina-Lianna-479Belle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot Portfolio

7. You've Worked Hard on your Body

So you've been working hard on your body and you want to showcase your achievements... Capture those changes and celebrate your new look.

Whisky Down-31 copyWhisky Down-31 copy

8. You Survived

You are a strong, independent woman. Be bold, be daring. Push your comfort zones. Celebrate you!

Boudoir Photoshoot by Belle Prive Photography in Manchester UKBelle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot 25Belle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot Portfolio

9. You Need a Break from the Daily Grind

Do you dream of doing something just for yourself? After this past year, we all deserve to be pampered, to relax a little. And we absolutely need more glamour in our lives. Sit back and relax whilst my professional hair and make up artist make you look your most glamorous ever. Then we'll begin the shoot and I'll guide you through every step. You'll relax into it and be left with images that will make you proud. Why not make a night of it and head out for dinner looking your most fabulous ever!

Or Insert Your Own Reason...


Ultimately, you don't need an actual reason. Indulge yourself, you deserve this!


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