There's more to Photography than pushing a button

March 05, 2019  •  1 Comment

Behind the Lens

There is more to photography than just pushing a button! It is more than just knowing your way around a camera Belle Privé Photography StudioBelle Privé Photography Studio and understanding your f stops and ISO.

It is knowing the exact moment to press the shutter, that micro expression and adjustment of pose that shows you at your absolute best. It's about understanding how a woman wants to look, how to pose her body to showcase the areas she likes and to minimise those she doesn't. It's about years spent perfecting studio lighting so that it doesn't look like studio lighting. It's about high end retouching that makes you look your absolute best without making you look like the Barbie version of yourself!

There is a business behind the camera too- notably over £12,000 worth of photographic equipment (Burglars take note- the house is alarmed and patrolled by Chief of Security, our utterly ferocious Labrador Daisy who will be intent on showing you her soft toy collection!) And then there is my central Manchester studio and all the associated costs, my make up artist, the insurance, image storage, admin, marketing costs and professional body fees...

Finally and most importantly, my vision as a photographer, training and 10 years of living, breathing and practicing photography at every possible moment!

It may look easy but trust me, it has taken years for me to to get to where I am today.

If you would like images of you looking your absolute best, then do get in touch! You can make a booking here.




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Agree with you that you make it sensible in all the ways.
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