Retouch Confessions

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Retouch Confessions


Thinner, Smoother, Prettier? We've all seen images of the impossibly beautiful model. But what if that image is... literally... impossible? We've all seen/used the quick fix beauty apps on our phones. These days, you don't have to be on the front cover of Vogue to look perfect, you can do it from the comfort of your own living room. So why do we have to appear perfect at all times? Is it because we see female perfection portrayed by the media at all times? Lingerie Photography by Belle Privé PhotographyLingerie Photography by Belle Privé PhotographyBelle Prive Boudoir Photoshoot Portfolio

In recent years, there has been a backlash from models and celebrities over excessively edited images. In fact some countries, such as France, are passing laws meaning that overly retouched images need to be labelled as such. Seeing the unattainable female beauty portrayed by the media can have a hugely detrimental effect on impressionable young women. So much so that there has now been a move away from excessive retouching with celebrities and brands preferring a more natural beauty. There has also been an international  movement towards normalizing the appearance of fashion models for the past few years which is great news for all women. So where does that leave photographers like Belle Privé?



People often ask my opinion on retouching....

Whilst I hate to perpetuate the 'impossible beauty' myth, I wouldn't have a business without some retouching but my policy is simple- I will make you look your absolute best through posing (it’s a precise science), great lighting and knowing the exact moment to press the shutter. I am a natural retoucher. I will remove anything during the editing stage that won’t be there next week (spots, bruises, marks, wrinkles in fabric etc). I don’t, however, completely reshape your face or body because let’s face it, you are beautiful just as you are! You need to be recognisable in your images, just a more polished version of you. People love YOU, not a digitally manufactured version of yourself. If you expect to leave my studio looking like a Barbie Doll, then I am not the photographer for you (unless of course you do already look like Barbie!) I do, however promise to make you look your absolute best.


So how do I make you look your absolute best?

Belle Privé Photography StudioBelle Privé Photography StudioPhotography by Belle Prive Photography Manchester UK



First we start with my hair and make up artists who are some of the best in the industry! My Make up artists have worked in TV and film and for big name brands. We talk through the look you want and you sit back and get pampered before we begin the photoshoot.





Then, there's Posing... Belle Privé Photography StudioBelle Privé Photography Studio

There’s so much more to posing than you think... Professional models have to think about everything from the arch of their foot to their finger position, facial expression and everything in between! Don’t worry though if your posing repertoire needs work... I will guide you through every pose! Every body is different and so every pose should be different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. I have a wealth of experience in posing different body shapes and believe me I can create curves where there were none, minimise your less favourite bits and make your legs look longer than you thought possible. And I don’t mean photoshop... it’s all about posing, angles and great lighting!



There's also great Lighting...

Belle Privé Photography StudioBelle Privé Photography Studio

I'm OCD about lighting. Seriously, I have a very exacting eye and I know how to light a woman... to accentuate favourite bits, minimise less favourite bits and make everyone look fresher, younger and generally more sparkly! I teach studio lighting for Photography Session Days so you can be sure I know what I am doing in this department.






So whilst I do edit images, you will still look like you. In fact, you get to see all your unedited images during the proofing process so you get to see first hand how incredible you look before I've gone anywhere near it with Photoshop! Even at this stage, I get so many comments from clients saying that they can't believe that it is actually them in the images. So... when are you booking your shoot?


Tempted to make a booking? Let's chat...



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