Lights, Camera, Action

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Lights, Camera, Action

The very essence of photography is learning how to control light.

I am obsessive about quality lighting. I teach studio lighting. Studio lighting or natural lighting, hard or soft light, I understand what it does and how to manipulate it. I even win awards for my lighting.
And did I mention I am obsessive about lighting?

Light can make you look 10 years younger if handled correctly or 10 years older if mishandled. It is so critical to what I do. I use light to direct the viewers eye in all my images (and I use shadow to detract).

So what kind of light do I use?


Natural Light

Always flattering, easy to use and a lovely, even light perfect for all clients. My natural light comes from a huge industrial window in my studio in a former cotton mill in Manchester.




One Light

My go-to lighting set up is a one light (Pixapro Pika200) in a 47" Octobox. It gives a soft, diffused light yet is still dark and sultry, perfect for what I do.



Bonnie Gee-114Bonnie Gee-114


Two Lights

A two light set up will give a more even lighting perfect for the 'studio' look.


Baby Daisy-106 copyBaby Daisy-106 copy


Fine Art Lighting

Again using two lights but with one suspended on a boom overhead to give a fine art, painterly feel to the image.




Noir Lighting

Using two lights but with a harder light modifier such as a snoot or a beauty dish. The lighting is more contrasty and dramatic, giving that Film Noir or Vintage Hollywood feel.




Gel Lighting

Gels are coloured wraps for lights to change the colour of the light and give an edgy, modern look to the image.


Baby Daisy-235 crop2Baby Daisy-235 crop2


Rim Lighting

Using two lights in stripboxes to outline the female body, giving a very moody and suggestive image.


Millie Dollar-72bwMillie Dollar-72bw


My Lighting Kit List


4 x Pixapro Pika 200

1 x Pixapro/Canon trigger (plus 5 universal triggers for workshops)

4 x Octoboxes (with grids)

2 x Stripboxes

1 x Beauty Dish

2 x Snoot

4 x large light stands

4 x smaller light stands

Boom Arm


Rotolights (Eos and Neo)

Rogue Gels

Barn Doors


If you would like to learn more about studio lighting, do take a look at my webinars, 1-2-1 training sessions and  group workshops.


If you would like to book your very own photoshoot, then do get in touch!




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