Eek, do I have to get naked?

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Eek, do I have to get naked?

Booking a Boudoir Photoshoot can be terrifying. I know, I've been there... on the wrong side of the camera!

 You are caught up in wanting some beautiful images but then worrying what you'll look like, whether people will notice your less than perfect ----- (insert body part).

Let me explain two things:

Firstly, most women are far too critical of themselves. Remember that image of you from years ago when at the time you felt self conscious and now you are thinking 'Wow, I looked great!' You just didn't realise it at the time. The same is true of RIGHT NOW. You look incredible, you just don't realise it. Or you refuse to believe it.

Either way, I want to show you the beauty that others see in you.

Secondly, I have years of experience in posing and lighting different bodies and I promise, you WILL look incredible.

That said, even those with the most spectacular bodies on the planet can feel a little intimated when standing in their lingerie in a studio in front of a photographer. So... what to wear when you just want to be just a little more covered? There is no law that all boudoir images must be in lingerie. Leave something to the imagination.

Here are a few alternative ideas...

Rachel 2020-128 copyRachel 2020-128 copy


A robe - sheer, lace, long or short. You can be as covered (or not) as you like. Worn as it should be or draped off a shoulder. The suggestion is still there...



A white shirt - forever sophisticated yet seductive. Mostly covered up but effortlessly sexy. Extra points if the shirt belongs to your partner.


6Z4A8306 copy6Z4A8306 copy


A blazer (or leather or fur jacket) - there's nothing sexier than a strong woman and a jacket over lingerie is not only an elegant option but shows you are the strong woman you are.


Makeover Portrait by luxury studio Manchester6Z4A4640 copyPortrait Photography by Belle Prive Photography


A dress - who says sexy only exists in lingerie? Bring your favourite dress. Sometimes it's what you don't see....

Baby Daisy-22Baby Daisy-22


The white sheet - one of my most popular shoots. Wear your lingerie underneath but with a white sheet draped as suggestively as you dare. Feel covered up but it's eternally sexy. Remember Marilyn Monroe?


6Z4A7020 copy 2 copy6Z4A7020 copy 2 copy


A man's hat - another popular one in my studio. A beautifully lit portrait in a man's hat coupled with fabulous hair and make up by my professional make up team. And even better, this one is social media friendly so even your dad/neighbour/work colleague can see this one!


Sadie-48Sadie-48 A slouchy jumper - cute yet sexy.


So the answer is... No, you don't have to get naked.

(But you can if you choose to!)


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